Il Fanale

Back in 1979, in a small workshop close to the city of Treviso, Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife Luisa decided to combine a passion for lighting with craftsmanship. Thus Il Fanale came into being, a company whose mission is to produce lamps of the highest quality and whose history is written every day through products that enter people’s homes and lives.
Distributed in over 40 countries around the world, the company has managed to stand out thanks to its Italian know-how, carried out by people guided by the same ideals, such as a passion for work, quality and the local area.

The choice of noble and traditional materials such as brass, copper and glass, combined with a particular oxidation process – whose formula is still handed down within the family – gives life to real works of art and light with a unique and inimitable appearance. The entirely Italian production combines traditional techniques with innovative technologies to create timeless products with an exceptional design content.

Each creation is the result of the perfect fusion of lighting design, craftsmanship and technology and is a reference to the unmistakable Italian stylistic tradition.
Over the years, Il Fanale has been able to enhance its great artisan tradition and, at the same time, constantly transform itself, researching and experimenting with new stylistic concepts. This evolution of the brand leads to the birth of Torremato, the laboratory of ideas that marks a new creative itinerary in the world of Il Fanale, with the aim of creating designers’ projects which are out of the box through strong and primordial materials, mostly natural and eco friendly.