Interno Italiano

Founded in 2012 by Giulio Iacchetti and Silvia Cortese, Internoitaliano is a widespread design factory project that has its heart in the Italian productive fabric: a network of laboratories, craftsmen and manufacturing companies that embody Italian excellence in creating high quality products.

The name derives from the desire to create a catalog of furnishing objects inspired by Italian doing and way of living, designing everything that can be contained in an interior. The result is a complete offer, characterised by products designed to be long-lasting and become part of everyday life.

Each creation is defined as a “happy object” that arises from an equal and harmonious encounter between designer and craftsman and is the bearer of its own stylistic autonomy capable of adapting to very different contexts.

The visual identity of the brand is a story made of collage. Objects, history, quality, Italian spirit live in a space where the reference to a pre-determined lifestyle is deliberately missing. The names chosen to name the Internoitaliano objects are a tribute to lesser-known Italian towns and villages, a symbol of an authentic national identity that opens up to the international scene.