Horm is a Friulian furniture company that has been producing high-end design furniture for home and contract spaces since 1989, combining technology, know-how and research.

People, in all expressions of their daily life, are at the center of every project of the brand. Eating, working, socializing, relaxing are the main living activities for which the company produces furniture with high comfort and respectful of human ergonomics.

The search for comfort does not exclude the emotional content. Each furnishing solution, from sofas, tables, to bookcases, becomes the personal expression of those who use it and is designed for a public who wants to furnish their home with an exclusive character, combining aesthetics, functionality and quality.

Horm offers a contemporary style where Mediterranean, Japanese, Scandinavian and North American influences coexist, reinterpreted through the culture and craftsmanship of made in Italy.

The brand has always collaborated with renowned architects and designers who express their creativity by sharing the same passion for beauty and quality. Over the years, the company has received numerous international awards and recognitions such as the Compasso d’Oro, that testify its ability to combine design, research and technology in the creation of furnishings rich in personality and functionality.