Midj is a Friulian family-run furniture company that since 1987 has been celebrating made in Italy as a true way of thinking and living, becoming the bearer of unique know-how in the world. Over the years, Midj has brought the typical care of an artisan production to an industrial size, giving life to products with attention to the smallest detail, which meet the needs of contemporary living.

Advanced technologies are the strength of the company, while expertise is its soul and what really makes it stand out. An artisan vocation that is constantly cultivated and refined and thanks to which Midj projects gain vitality and momentum.
Each creation, whether it is a table, a chair or a bookcase, is the result of synergy between creativity, advanced technologies and craftsmanship, elements that become an inimitable added value.

The company constantly explores all possible declinations to solve furnishing projects, continuously seeking that transversal use that allows it to meet the multiple needs of public and private environments, from the restaurant to the living room, from hotels to the dining room.

Flowing lines, padding and rounded corners are the distinctive features of Midj products, whose philosophy is that of soft design: furniture created not so much to be shown, but rather to be lived with every day.