Nuove Forme

A story made of passion, technique and creative flair. Nuove Forme was born in 1993 in Florence, collecting the legacy of the ceramic company founded by Alvino Bagni.

The Nuove Forme collections, characterised by variety and uniqueness, draw on the wealth of cultural and artistic knowledge of Alvino Bagni, handed down to Gianfranco Ghiretti and his niece Maria Chiara. The company’s technical skills also derive from the experience gained over the years thanks to the collaborations with many artists who have worked with Alvino Bagni first and then with Nuove Forme. This precious heritage is enriched with new projects, characterised by the same spirit of experimentation that made Alvino’s creative path so unique.

All this translates into unique, contemporary or design ceramic works, re-editions of pieces from the historical samples or customized projects. Surprising and inimitable collections, the result of continuous research and experimentation of materials, colours, shapes and textures.

Nuove Forme creates its products with the collaboration of small local artisans, who deal with the creation of gypsum and lathe models, followed directly by the company in order to ensure the reliability of the semi-finished product. The phases of glazing, decoration, cooking and packaging, on the other hand, are carried out in the Florentine factory and treated in detail.