Born in 2016 from the idea of ​​Daniele Morabito and Dario Pulitanò, Texturae wants to combine the innovative visions of artists, graphic designers and designers with the most avantgarde technology, to revolutionise a traditional product such as wallpaper. The goal is to allow graphic and artistic expressions to invade rooms, transforming them into a personal art gallery.

With their authentic and original character, Texturae wallpapers do not simply cover the walls, but are dreams that reshape places and interpret spaces thanks to the suggestions of those who live there. Thus, design is transformed into a storytelling of ever-changing settings and perspectives, in which creativity becomes the protagonist.

Printed with the most advanced technology according to an eco-friendly approach and made with high quality materials, selected according to the specific needs of the space they will live in, Texturae wallapapers are the result of great research work that aims to redesign a new world tailored to those who decide to interpret it.

With its creations, the company gives life to a universal language made of geometries, colours, visions, the expression of an aesthetic experience that in shaping settings becomes unique and personal, transforming changing the living experience into life itself.